Green consumer goods are a new consumption trend in the Kingdom of Cambodia

Green consumer goods are a new consumption trend in the Kingdom of Cambodia

From December 16-18, the 15th Cambodia Import-Export Products and Commodities Fair took place at the Koh Pech Convention and Exhibition Center, the central area of ​​Phnom Penh.

The event with hundreds of domestic and foreign booths, attracting a large number of shoppers is one of the clear evidences for the recovery of the country's economy "Temple of the Tower," and at the same time an opportunity to connect businesses. Cambodia with businesses of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as well as with dialogue partner countries.

Pictures at the opening ceremony on December 15, 2022


After more than 2 years of delay due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 15th Cambodia Import and Export Products and Goods Fair organized by the Ministry of Trade returned with 268 booths, exhibiting and introducing new products. specialties and export and import goods of domestic and foreign enterprises, as well as business associations, foreign trade agencies in Cambodia, ..

In particular, Hoa Mai Trading Co., Ltd is proud to represent Vietnam to bring green, clean and environmentally friendly consumer products and solutions. Besides, there are very necessary products in every family's life such as: Water filter, House cleaning kit...


Photo Secretary of State of Cambodia's Ministry of Commerce Chhuon Dara and Deputy Director of Vietnam Mr. Do Quoc Hung at the booth of Hoa Mai Company


Minister accompanying the Prime Minister, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia Chhuon Dara said that this international trade event is of great significance for Cambodia as it marks the resumption of commercial activities at home and abroad. country, improving economic and investment connectivity between Cambodia and the international community after a hiatus.

According to Mr. Chhuon Dara, this is also an ideal opportunity for the participants to seek new cooperation opportunities, expand business and investment activities in Cambodia, as well as in partner countries.

Minister Chhuon Dara emphasized that making progress in the fight against COVID-19 is the basis for Cambodia to restart socio-economic development activities. The Cambodian Ministry of Commerce official also called on companies, businesses and countries participating in the exhibition event to jointly build and recover the community after the COVID-19 crisis, through strengthening cooperation in the business sector. economy, trade, investment, tourism, technology exchange and innovation within bilateral and multilateral cooperation frameworks.

After more than 3 days of the event, the company's products have received enthusiastic support from Cambodian people. Thereby as a driving force for Hoa Mai Company to export and bring its presence more in the Kingdom of Cambodia.



Ohi@ma's products are well received by Cambodians


According to Mr. Nguyen Le Thai Hoa - Director of Hoa Mai Trading Co., Ltd., this is a great opportunity for businesses to promote products, introduce the Company's products, and seek business cooperation opportunities. business and investment, and at the same time increase market access, thereby building an appropriate development strategy to boost the export of Vietnamese goods to Cambodia. Hopefully, after this exhibition conference, it will be a motivation and an opportunity for Vietnamese businesses in general and Hoa Mai Company in particular to cooperate in exporting products to Cambodia.


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